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The next generation of risk management

Westbourne is a risk consultancy specialising in resilience and risk management for the financial services industry.


We work with regulated financial services firms on business continuity and operational resilience, third party risk management and red team activities.

We can help you enhance the way you manage risk and meet regulatory requirements, with frameworks and processes that give you confidence in your operations.


Operational Resilience

Firms are increasingly seeking to make their firms more resilient
We have helped organisations implement and manage full Operational Resilience programmes,  to meet new UK regulations


Third Party Risk 

We help firms develop third party risk management frameworks to effectively manage the risk from partners, clients and counterparties, including cloud infrastructure  and SaaS providers.


Business Continuity & Crisis 

We help firms put Business Continuity and Crisis Management plans in place and manage them

We help provide assurance that they are effective through innovative and realistic testing 


Red Team

“Red Team” exercise are the next generation of ethical hacking and testing but instead of systems and networks, we focus on challenging processes, key controls and physical security

What's next for Operational Resilience?


Managing Director, Michael Walford-Williams has teamed up with FinTech Compliance to share his views on what is next for Operational Resilience, what the regulators' expectations are and why compliance with the regulations alone may not be enough . 

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Westbourne becomes a corporate member of the APCC 

Westbourne has been admitted as a member firm to The Association Of Professional Compliance Consultants (APCC) in the UK.  

We hope that being part of this industry body will allow us to get closer to the regulators, be at the forefront of new regulations and ultimately serve our regulated clients better

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